Gmail Log In and Forms

This is all about logging onto your Google account, which involves using forms (edit boxes).
First, open Google Chrome.
Press Alt + D to get to the address bar, type in and press Enter.
If a Google account has been accessed before in Chrome on the PC you are using, you will be asked which account you would like to log in to.
Use the Tab key to move to the account you want, or move to Use another account and press Enter. There is also an option to remove accounts from this list.
You will then be asked for your email address and then your password (or just your password if the account is already there).
In any forms in Chrome, you can Tab to edit boxes and complete them as you go (without having to click on them).
Once you have completed the edit boxes on the Web page, you can just press Enter to continue. You do not have to move to the Next/Submit button. This works with most forms on Web pages.
So you should be able to sign into any account with just the Tab key and the Enter key!
For screen reader users, this works the same, but you may have to press Enter for Forms mode on the edit boxes (depending on your screen reader set up). You can also press E to go to the next edit box on the page, or F for the next form field (which includes radio buttons, check boxes etc). As mentioned last week, you have nifty ways of moving around Web pages, and we will cover more next week!
Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox work the same as above.

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