Getting Out of Trouble

You may have times when your PC freezes, or a message comes up on the screen and you want to cancel it.
Usually, if you use a mouse, you head up to the top right of a window and look for an X to click on. But what if your mouse has frozen as well?!
Whether you use a mouse or not, you can use these handy shortcuts instead.
First, try pressing the Escape key. This will get you out of most messages and dialogue boxes, and is equivalent to clicking on a Cancel button. It will also get you out of menus and ribbons. There is no harm in pressing it several times to be sure!
Second, try pressing Alt + Tab which will switch to another application. Press Alt + Tab again to switch back onto the problem application and perhaps this will give it a kick into action!
Third, try pressing Alt + F4. This will close the application, or it may give you further options, such as wait for a response or restart the application.

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