General Navigation in Microsoft Teams

Without any customisation, the main sections of Teams are accessed as follows:

  • Control + 1 takes you to your main Feed, which is a list of your most recent Activity on Teams.
  • Control + 2 takes you to Chat, the direct messaging section.
  • Control + 3 takes you to the list of Teams that you are in.
  • Control + 4 takes you to the Calendar section, which mirrors your Outlook calendar.
  • Control + 5 takes you to the Calls section.
  • Control + 6 takes you to a list of recent Files accessed on Teams.

You can add other sections (apps) and you can change the order of these sections. But this is the main, default layout.
Once you move to a section, you can use the Arrow keys and Tab/Shift + Tab to move around. Each section has a list and a content area (eg Chat has a list of recent Chat conversations, and then a content section with details of the messages).
There are quicker ways of getting straight to information and tasks, such as Control + N for a new Chat message. We will cover more of these over the coming weeks.

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