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You can view a Web page in full screen by pressing F11.
This will hide any toolbars and the address bar so that you can view more on the screen.
Press F11 again to come out of full screen.
This is different to full screen for Youtube videos, which you can access by pressing the letter F.
Note: For screen reader users, you may need to turn off the virtual cursor to use this shortcut in Youtube (Insert + Z).
These shortcuts work the same in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

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  1. teddy
    | Reply

    My keyboard (an HP Notebook) does not have an 11, only 0 to 9. Do I press F and he 1 twice?

    • sahlyons
      | Reply


      Laptop keyboards can be a little frustrating not least because of the layout where keys are not in the same place as an external keyboard. For a while now manufactures have given each Function key a second “Function”. On my HP laptop beside me, for example F2 reduces screen brightness, F3 increases brightness and so on. F11 is now for skip forward in a media player. HP calls these keys Action Keys. So one option for me to use the action keys as Function Keys is to include the FN key. This is usually the second key in from bottom left, so the order is CONTROL, FN, Windows key. To get F11 I would press FN + Skip forward. I would guess on your keyboard the F11 key is the 12th key from top left and it should have printed on the key F11, in very small print.

      To disable the Action Key features and hence return the Function Keys to normal operation I went down into the BIOS, no screen reader down there! If you have never heard of the BIOS and don’t know what it means be very careful!!! Other HP laptops operate differently checkout https://support.hp.com/ie-en/document/c02035108

      hope that helps

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