Freeze Rows and Columns in an Excel Spreadsheet

When viewing a large spreadsheet, you may want to lock certain rows and/or columns so that you can see their contents while scrolling to another area of a worksheet.
This is called Freezing Panes. You can freeze the top row so it is always in view, or the first column. Or you can position below and to the right of what you want to freeze, and then lock that combination of columns and rows so that they stay in view as you scroll.
To freeze the top row, press Alt + W, then F, then R.
To freeze the first column, press Alt + W, then F, then C.
To freeze a combination, position below the row(s) you want to freeze and to the right of the column(s) you want to freeze, then press Alt + W, then F, then F.
And you can use the freeze panes shortcut again if you want to unfreeze, press Alt + W, then F, then F.

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