Forwarding Messages in Gmail

Once you have opened an email message and had a quick read, you may like to forward the information to another person.
Press F to create a forwarding message.
If you use a screen reader, you may need to switch the “virtual cursor” off so you can use this Gmail shortcut key. Press Insert (or Caps Lock) + Z in JAWS or Insert (or Caps Lock) + Space in NVDA and Narrator.
You are placed in the To field of the forwarding message so you can type in the email address of the person you want to send this information to.
Then press Tab to go to the body of the email and type in a message.
Finally, press Control + Enter to send.

Note: Even if you don’t need to write a message, you still need to be in the body of the email in order for the Control + Enter shortcut to work.

Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox work the same as Google Chrome for forwarding messages in Gmail.

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