Five Year’s Old!

Sharon’s Shortcuts is 5 Years Old!!

Yes, it was on 9th January 2017 that the Sharon’s Shortcuts website was launched, a free educational resource on how to use a PC without a mouse. And Shortcut of the Week email and blog officially started. That’s 260 keyboard shortcuts, with only a few repeats over that whole time, and plenty more shortcuts to come.

I was going to give you one of the first Shortcuts of the Week from five years ago for this occasion, but I couldn’t choose, so here are three to wish you a generous and prosperous 2022!

  • Find and Replace in a document/spreadsheet, Control + H.
  • Insert Date and/or Time in a document, Alt + Shift + D and Alt + Shift + T.
  • Lock your screen, Windows key + L.

A New Year’s feast of shortcuts!

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