Find and Replace on Powerpoint Slides

If you need to change something on your slides, you can use Find and Replace feature.
Press Control + F and type in the text you are trying to find. Press Enter to go to the next instance of that text and Escape to come out of the Find dialogue and edit.
If you want to Find and Replace some text, wherever it occurs in your presentation, press Control + H. This dialogue has two fields, one for the text to find and one for the replacement text. Complete these fields and then you can Tab to Find Next, press Enter, and then press Escape to check what it has found. Press Control + H again, Tab to Replace and press Enter.
If you are feeling confident, you can Tab to Replace All and press Enter, and it will replace the text in all instances throughout the presentation.
Each time you go into Find and Replace, it remembers the last text you entered until you change it or you close the application.
The Control + F and Control + H shortcuts for Find and Replace also work in a similar way in other Microsoft applications like Word.

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