Creating Links on Powerpoint Slides

You can create links within your presentation in Powerpoint.
These can be links to Website, a file or a slide in the same presentation.
Your link text does not need to be a complicated URL or file path. You can choose exactly the text to display, and then point it to the destination.
Edit the placeholder where you want the link to be and press Control + K.
If it is a link to a Website, type in or paste the Web address (full URL).
If it is a link to a file, Tab to “Browse for File” button, press Enter and find the file.
If it is a link to another slide, Tab to “Existing File or Webpage”, Arrow Down to “Place in This Document”, press Tab and find the slide.
Once you are pointing to the correct destination, Tab to the “Text to Display” box and type in your link text which will show as a link on the slide (visually underlined and in blue).
Finally, Tab to the OK button and press Enter.
The Control + K shortcut for links also works in other Microsoft applications like Word.

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