Creating Bookmarks

You can save Web page addresses in Web browsers, so that you can visit them again.
Go to the Web page that you want to save and press Control + D.
You can then type in an alternative name for this Web page or just go with what is there. Press Enter to save.
To access a list of your Bookmarks in Google Chrome, press Alt + F, then B for Bookmarks. Arrow down to the one you want and press Enter or press the first letter of the Web page title to move down the list quicker.
In Microsoft Edge, these saved pages are called Favourites. Control + D works in the same way as above. To access the list of Favourites, press Alt + F, then O.
In Mozilla Firefox, Control + D works in the same way but it will add it to your Bookmarks automatically after about 5 seconds, so type quick if you want to change the name! To access your Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox, press Alt + B for Bookmarks and go to the Other Bookmarks submenu.

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