Creating a Microsoft Teams Meeting from Outlook

If you want to create a Microsoft Teams Meeting, I find the easiest way to do this is in Microsoft Outlook.
You can create a Teams Meeting directly from the Outlook calendar.
Go to the calendar by pressing Control + 2.
Press Alt + H for Home Ribbon, then press Y. Tab through the fields completing your Meeting Title, Required and Optional attendees, Start Date and Time, etc. You will notice that the Location is Microsoft Teams Meeting, and there is a footer added to the main body of the invite with a link to join the meeting.
When you have completed the invite, press Alt + S to save the meeting and send the invites.
Or you can create an instant meeting from the Outlook calendar by pressing Alt + H for Home Ribbon, then press M then N (as in Meeting Now). You will be given the option to invite people from inside the meeting.

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