Create a New Slide in a Powerpoint Presentation

When you start a new presentation in Powerpoint, there is automatically one slide which is a Title Slide.
The type of slide determines the placeholders (sections) within it.
A Title Slide has a main title placeholder and a subtitle placeholder.
Tab to each placeholder and press Enter or F2 to edit the text. Press Escape when finished.
To create a new slide in Powerpoint, press Control + M. By default, Powerpoint will create a Title and Content Slide, which have a title placeholder and an object placeholder. The object placeholder is usually list of bullet points, but could be an image, video or chart.
Title Slide and Title and Content slide are the two main slides that you will probably use in a Powerpoint presentation. Both have title placeholders.
Note: Be sure to give your slides unique titles, it will help to identify them later.

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