Copy, Cut, Paste and Clipboard

If you use any keyboard shortcuts at all, it is probably the Copy, Cut and Paste ones.
To copy text, select it and press Control + C.
To cut text, select it and press Control + X.
To paste text, go to the new place and press Control + V.
In Windows 10, you can also access the Clipboard by pressing Windows key + V.
This will give you a list of things that you have copied recently and you can Arrow through them and paste them again, if you need to, by pressing Enter on the one you want.
The clipboard clears when you reboot, but you can pin items to it if you want to keep them there. Pick the one you want to keep, Tab to More Button and press Enter, then choose Pin.

Note: It asks you to switch on Clipboard History the first time you use Windows key + V. Or you can switch it on in the Settings.

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