Colour Filters

Colour Filters are designed to make it easier for people with colour blindness to differentiate between colours like red and green, and to make it more comfortable for people with light sensitivity to use their PC.
There are several choices:

  • Inverted (which is similar to the high contrast setting)
  • Greyscale
  • Greyscale inverted
  • Red-green (green weak)
  • Red-green (red weak)
  • Blue-yellow

To access the settings, press the Windows key, then type in colour filters and press Enter.
Press Tab to go to the switch to Turn on colour filters and press the Spacebar to switch it on.
Then Tab to the checkbox for Allow the shortcut key to toggle filter on and off, and press Spacebar. This setting will enable you to press Windows key + Control + C to switch on/off the colour filter of your choice.
Finally, Tab down to the different filters to choose the one that suits best. There is a colour wheel below the list that will show you what the filter does.

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