Cell Borders in Excel Spreadsheets

By default, a cell does not display any border/outline. A standard border is a black line on the top, right, bottom and left edges of a cell. A border can be added around a group of cells. Borders are used to make parts of a spreadsheet stand out visually.
To add a standard border with a shortcut, we need to access the ribbon. Ribbon shortcuts are not always intuitive, but these border shortcuts make sense and are easy to remember. These shortcuts involve going to the Home ribbon, Alt + H, and then pressing single letters to move to the options you require.
To add a standard border to all sides of a cell or group of cells, select the cells and press Alt + H, then B for Border, then A for All.
To add a thick border, to the outside of a cell or group of cells, select the cells and press Alt + H, then B for Border, then T for Thick.
To remove all borders, select the cells and press Alt + H, then B for Border, then N for No borders.
The other border options are not so easy to remember, but might be worth learning if it is something you use often.
For example, in accounts you might used the top border and bottom double border for grand totals. The shortcut for this is Alt + H, then B, then U.

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