Bookmarks Backup and Reset

Back up your Bookmarks by exporting to a file, just in case:

  1. Press Control + Shift + O to open the Bookmarks Manager.
  2. Tab once to get to the Organise Button.
  3. Press Enter to Open the menu.
  4. Arrow down to Export and press Enter again.
  5. It will give your bookmarks a filename and save in your Documents folder. You can change the filename and/or the Save location at this point.
  6. Press Enter to finish.

If you open the bookmarks file from your Documents folder, it opens in a Web Browser and lists all your bookmarks as links. You can also use this file to import your bookmarks into other Web Browsers.

To Reset your Bookmarks in Chrome (this will delete all your bookmarks):

  1. Press Control + Shift + O to open the Bookmarks Manager.
  2. Tab to the list of bookmarks.
  3. Press Control + A to select all the bookmarks.
  4. Press the Delete key…all gone.
  5. There is a link on the page to Undo which is there for a good few seconds. Tab to this link and press Enter to cancel the reset, if you’ve changed your mind!

The Favourites Manager in Microsoft Edge (also accessed with Control + Shift + O) works in a similar way, you just need to Tab a few more times for the menu with the Export option.
In Mozilla Firefox, it is a little more complicated. The Bookmarks library (Control + Shift + B) is a separate dialogue. Press Alt + I to get to the Import and Backup menu and go from there to save your list of bookmarks. But the Select all and Delete works in a similar way.

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