Backstage View in Microsoft Office Apps

Backstage view is in all Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft describes it as “everything that you do to a file that you don’t do in the file”. It gives options when creating, opening and saving files.
But keyboard shortcuts already give us all these options directly:

  • Create a new file with Control + N.
  • Open a file with Control + O.
  • Save a file with F12 or Control + S.

These work in all Microsoft Office applications, and have done for years.
The Backstage view gives an extra stage when you start up an Office application, so you can choose to open an existing file or choose a new file. It also gives options when saving a file to give it a name and choose where to save it.
However, we at Sharon’s Shortcuts prefer to switch it off so we can get straight to a new file when opening an Office application. And we also get the option when closing a file to press S to save/save as, or N to choose not to save.
So, if you want to switch off the Backstage view in Excel, or any other Microsoft Office app, pressĀ Alt + F, then T for Options and Arrow down to the section called Save. Then Tab to the checkbox called “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files with keyboard shortcuts”, and press Spacebar to check it. Finally press Enter to accept.
And if you want to access Backstage view at any time, just press Alt + F.

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