Annotate a Powerpoint Slideshow

A Powerpoint presentation is usually viewed as a slideshow, which guides us on a specific path through the information presented.
This week’s shortcuts are for all the scribblers out there!…
To draw on the screen (annotations) during a slideshow, press Control + P to enable the Pen mode. Use your mouse or PC stylus to draw directly on the slide.
To Erase what you have done, press E.
To switch from the Pen mode back to the Arrow, press Control + A.
To hide the pointer or pen to avoid displaying a distracting or moving mouse pointer, press Control + H.
Or press Applications key (Shift + F10), equivalent of a right mouse click, to get a menu of options on pens, pointers etc.
Note: If you are a screen reader user, it will not describe what is happening on the screen in pen mode. But it might be useful to know how to hide the pointer.

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