Aligning Text on Powerpoint Slides

Powerpoint is the presentation application of the Microsoft Office suite.
We are using the latest Office 365 version of Powerpoint, but these shortcuts will work in pretty much all versions.
Just a recap on how to edit placeholders on a slide:

  • Tab between placeholders (Title, Subtitle, Content etc).
  • Press F2 or Enter to start editing.
  • Press Escape when finished.
  • To move to the next slide, press Escape again and press Down Arrow.

To align text on the slides, use the same shortcuts as in Microsoft Word.
When editing a placeholder:
Press Control + R to align to the right.
Press Control + L to align to the left.
Press Control + E to centre the text.
Press Control + J to justify the text.

These shortcuts work on the paragraph/line of text, so you don’t need to select the text first.
You can even align all the text in a placeholder just by Tabbing to the placeholder and using the shortcuts above.
Note: If you are a screen reader user, at time of testing, only JAWS would announce the text alignment changes.

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