Event Reminders in Outlook Calendar

A reminder is a small alert window that pops up to tell you that an event is about to start, usually accompanied by a sound.
The default in Outlook is to set a 15 minute reminder for every appointment or meeting. This can be changed in the Options (File > Options > Calendar > Default reminders).
And reminders can be completely switched off in the Options too (File > Options > Advanced > Reminders).
There are a few shortcuts you can use when a reminder appears.
First, when you hear the sound, press Alt + Tab to focus on the reminder window, then:
Press Alt + S to snooze the reminder, and it will remind you again in 10 minutes (or less if the meeting is sooner).
Press Alt + D to dismiss the reminder.
If there is more than one event about to start, press Alt + A to dismiss all reminders.

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