Autosum in Excel Spreadsheets

One of the most powerful aspects of Excel is the ability to do formulas and functions. And the most popular function has to be SUM.
SUM is used on a range of cells, in a row or column, to calculate the total for the content of those cells.
If you have a row or column of consecutive numbers, you can position in the next cell to the right (row) or the next cell down (column), and then use a shortcut to automatically create the SUM.
For Autosum, press Alt + Equals sign.
This will automatically detect the range of consecutive numbers and complete the SUM function for that range. If the range is correct, just press Enter to accept.

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  1. Raymond Bishop
    | Reply

    I love how simple you make the instructions. Can we get back logs of other instructions? Please?

    • sahlyons
      | Reply

      Thanks Raymond. I am very pleased that my instructions are easy to follow. I strive to make it so!
      I’m not sure what you mean about back logs. But previous Shortcuts of the Week are on a link on the home page.

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