Switching Between Applications

Pressing Alt + Tab will switch between the last two applications that you were using. If you have more than two applications open, hold down the Alt key and keep pressing Tab until you get to the application you want … Read More

Shutting Down

Focusing on the Desktop can give you an easy way to shut down: Press Windows + D, then Alt + F4. Then press Enter to shut down, or use the up and down arrows to choose another option, like Restart or … Read More

Go To Desktop

You can go to the Desktop at any time by pressing Windows + D. This will minimise any open applications to the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and puts the focus on the Desktop. You can also press Windows + … Read More

Task Manager

If you are stuck with an application that freezes and will not respond to anything, you can go to Task Manager to force it to close. Press Control + Shift + Escape to open the Task Manager. Then Arrow down … Read More

Getting Out of Trouble

You may have times when your PC freezes, or a message comes up on the screen and you want to cancel it. Usually, if you use a mouse, you head up to the top right of a window and look … Read More

Opening Applications

To open an application on your PC, press the Windows key to bring up the Start menu. Then start typing in the name of the application. You should only need to type in a couple of letters, like CH for … Read More

Emojis in Outlook Email

If you want to use an emoji in an email message, press Windows key + semi-colon. The emojis are displayed in a grid. Use the Arrow keys to find the emoji you want and press Enter to put it into … Read More

Event Reminders in Outlook Calendar

A reminder is a small alert window that pops up to tell you that an event is about to start, usually accompanied by a sound. The default in Outlook is to set a 15 minute reminder for every appointment or … Read More

Set Up a Recurring Event in Outlook Calendar

To set up a recurring event, first create a new event by pressing Control + N, or open an existing event. Press Control + G. The Appointment Recurrence dialogue box appears. Tab through the options, and use the Arrow keys … Read More

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