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Saving Email Messages

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To save an email message outside of the Outlook program, position on the email message and press F12. This opens a Save As dialogue where you can change the filename, which by default is the email subject. Press Shift + … Read More

Advanced Find in Outlook

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Pressing Control + Shift + F opens the Advanced Find dialogue. In here you can specific about details of your search. Type in keywords and/or choose different options available. Press Enter to perform the search and F6 to move to … Read More

Check Names

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In Outlook: Use Control + K to check names in the To field. Start entering a name, then press Control + K to find the person’s full email address from your address book.

Mark as Read/Unread

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To mark an email message as unread, position on the message and press Control + U. You can mark it as read by opening it again or by pressing Control + Enter. Please note: if you have the Reading Pane displayed in … Read More

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